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Web Design

Web Design should be affordable. Whether you are ready to create your own site with a little help, or would rather hand the mouse over to a designer, you should not have to pay thousands of dollars.



DESIGNS BY CG is here to serve businesses that are looking to promote their product or service thru a responsive website, branding and digital marketing. Listening to who your customers and competitors are is what makes the difference when you are showcasing your business.


Redesign your website today!

Websites are vital to your company's presence, the first action a customer takes is to "Google" the business name. Once your site is on the customer's desktop or smart phone you have a 5-10 second window to make a lasting impression.

Don't lose your business to a competitor with a better web/mobile site. Together we can get eyes to your business and keep it there.


Give Carol a call today (815) 354-8898. 


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